Where are you based and what do you shoot?

 Atlanta based, available for travel world wide. We are hybrid digital and film photographers. We shoot Canon and Mamiya 645 medium format. We absolutely love the look of film and we try and emulate that look with our digital work. We do love to travel so please inquire with the specifics of your wedding and we would be happy to put together a customized package just for you.

Do you love chocolate?

Why yes, we do, thanks for asking! It’s good to get the important stuff out of the way early on.

I see that Paperlily has several photographers. Who would actually be shooting my wedding?

Christy and Brooke are the lead wedding photographers for Paperlily. Christy is the lead contact for all things wedding related. We also have several affiliate photographers who work with us regularly as 2nd shooters. We have set extremely high standards of excellence for our company and it is very important to us that one of us be there to capture your big day.

Do we get the “rights” to all of our photos? May we edit our photos?

This topic can get a little confusing. Hopefully wording it this way will help. We offer a copyright release to all of our clients. This means you may print and share all of your wedding photos- yay! We do retain our original copyright which basically means we still own the rights to the photograph. Should you want to try and submit your wedding for publication we would be thrilled to do that for you.

Speaking of photos, how many photos do we get? Do we get them all?

For weddings our client galleries typically range from 600-1000 images. For family sessions and newborn sessions the average number of images ranges from 50-150. The number of images in each gallery varies depending on the amount of hours we shoot, the number of shooters, and how many times we change locations. We want our clients to laugh and cry when they go through their galleries. We feel that leaving in as many images as humanly possible helps to tell the full story of the day.

How do we get photos like we see on your site? We tend to be a little camera shy.

We realize that posing for couple photos doesn’t always come naturally. We give lots of directions and we try and make the session feel comfortable and relaxed. Time is the best friend of comfortability. The more time we have for photos the better.

Who is your ideal client?

Nice People 😉 Mean people need not apply- lol! Our clients are men and women of various family sizes, shapes, and colors. We shoot the serious and the silly. We shoot the shy and the courageous. We love them all!!!

May we bring props to our session?

We love to have nature, your home, or a city scape be the backdrop for your session. We want the session to feel more like a date (or even a family play date) than a photo session. That is not to say a well placed blanket or a paper airplane for your toddler isn’t welcome…because they are. We just really want to focus on shooting you as you are. We want to have things be as unposed and real as they can possibly be.

  May we show you our pinterest board?

Yes, please!! We want to see how what you love matches up with what we do. The big but here though is that in the end we will still just be us 😉 We’ve tried to shoot like photographer x and honestly we only end up feeling like failures and we forget to see the beauty in the artistry God placed in us. We love capturing people on film. We do so as we see and feel it. We’ve found that simple recipe works wonders for us loving what we do.

Are we a good fit? How will I know?

Our style of photography is quite simple. We are there to document your day/session however it unfolds. There is real beauty in the raw emotion of each wedding/session (no matter the weather, timeline, or any other unforseen circumstance). Although we would love to be able to work with everyone, we have found we fit best with relaxed, happy clients who more excited about being together than having things go perfectly. We have seen it all…babies cry, it rains, cakes fall, groomsmen have too many shots (oh the stories we could tell!), bridesmaids have to be sewn into their dresses, hair and makeup run late. Life happens. We are there to laugh with you (and probably take a photo or two) when it does- lol! We ask only that our clients have a sense of humor and a love for life (and all it’s crazy moments).

We love you guys! We’d like to book! What now?

Well first we would like to say thanks for choosing to work with us. We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE our clients and we want nothing more than to become friends. We never just want to be the hired help…boo on that! We want to get to know our clients, their likes, dislikes, etc. Trust is paramount for any good photographer/client relationship. We try and earn that trust by being there, willing to help in anyway possible from day one.

Simply email us through our contact section, and if we are available, we will build you a custom booking proposal that can be signed digitally. Our initial retainer is $2500 with the remaining balance not being due until 6 weeks out from the wedding. We can’t wait to begin our journey together with you!!

If you die will you still shoot my wedding? 


Ok no, we won’t but we will be sad about it. On a positive note we will tell Jesus that you said hi, though!

Christy and Brooke do our very best to take only one wedding per weekend so that we can cover for one another should an emergency come up. In 10 years of shooting weddings we have not ever missed one but we do understand that life happens.  We have each other to lean on should something catastrophic come about. Additionally, we have full coverage insurance on our company, gear, and photographs. Should some sort of calamity happen we would do our very best to make it right. We care about your wedding being photographed properly as much as you do. It really is our life’s work to ensure a smooth, carefree day for all of our clients. Dying would just mess all of of that up! 😉

When do we make our wedding day timeline? 

That’s a great question. We want to be a part of helping you create your wedding day timeline and we do expect to start getting questions about hair and makeup start/end times pretty early on. Our workflow the day of the wedding looks a little like this.

We typically arrive 3 hours before the ceremony (four with a first look). We do this to ensure we have time to shoot bridal details (typically for the first hour), bridals, bridal party, and bride’s parents (and repeat with the groom on his side). We do lose the hour before the ceremony as we have to have the bride hidden away so we factor that in to our start time.

A note about timelines. They are off about 99.975% of the time. Something always runs long (especially hair and makeup). We have learned to be incredibly fast and efficient with whatever time we are given so if something does run over we are ready for it.

Wedding Question…Do you need a vendor meal? 

Yes please! 🙂 We would love to eat, afterall we have been with you all day and we do get hungry. If we could go one step further and request a hot vendor meal to be served while you (the couple) are eating that would be great!! We don’t want to miss even one moment of our couples big day! When not specified most caterers will try and feed us after all of the guests have been fed. In theory that sounds good, but practical application of said theory means we end up eatting like a couple of night shift nurses on a full floor! Time to chew is a welcome bonus!!