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A Season of Change...

Hi wonderful friends. We know so many of you have been patiently waiting for us to open up our calendar for fall. Thank you! We've been going through some pretty big business changes and we wanted to get things in order before we opened up dates for you. We are ready to fill you in on all the changes we are making to better serve you now.

Choose From our 2 options :

On location Mini, or Heirloom Sessions

Atlanta Fall Family Sessions

Heirloom Sessions

This is our custom one hour session. The session fee is $150 and may be held at the location of your choice within 30 minutes of Atlanta. Please note that his is for session time only. Prints and digital images may be purchased from one of our collections or bundles. See below for more details on our heirloom sessions and pricing.

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On location Fall Mini Sessions

Nash Farm Fall Mini Sessions

Mini sessions will be announced on specific dates 1-2 times a year and have limited availability. These sessions are best for clients looking to capture holiday card photos or for an annual refresh of your kiddos. Our on location mini sessions this Fall '23 will be held at Nash Farms in Mcdonough, Ga. The cost is $250. The price includes 15 mins of shooting time as well as 5 full resolution, fully edited digital images (color or black and white) of your choice. Click the link below to book your session.

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Digital + Printed Together


Images will now be sold in bundles and will include a master retouched matted 8x10 print as well as the high resolution digital image.

5 images | $295
10 images | $495
15 and up | $695+

Full Studio Pricing Menu available at ordering appointment. We now offer a custom line of framing, albums, and image folios.

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Life has a way of showing us what is most important...

An end of the year school project that required images of our children from birth to graduation showed us where we were lacking. The amount of priceless images we had hidden away, buried in piles of folders shocked us! Did we even remember we had these photos? It was that revelation of those lost images that propelled us to dig a little deeper and learn something valuable.

Spurred on by this new empathy we spent the summer asking you the same tough questions we had been asking ourselves.

Things like, did your images ever make it to see the light of day? Or sadly, like us, had they survived on some lost folder on your hard drive. Did you mean to get them printed and have life get in the way like it had with us? There were even more challenging questions for us to ask ourselves. Did we somehow fail you by not knowing which images we photographed of your family that you loved the most? If you did print them, did they turn out beautifully for you? And probably most importantly, did you wish we had done more to help you archive and display your artwork?

With all of this in mind we knew we could serve you better! We added film photography to our sessions, a full line of custom printed artwork, as well as a face to face (online or in person) ordering appointments to help you select your favorite images. We want every step of working with us to feel guided, easy and helpful. Gone are the days of sending a gallery out into the internet not knowing what you loved and how it printed.

We can do better! You deserve it.

-Brooke & Christy

Heirloom Sessions

I. Choose your date.

You can book your date and time through our calendar link below. Once you are booked we will reach out to talk location and styling options as well as talk more about our new ordering process.

II. Take photos.

We can shoot at your home, your favorite park, or any location of your choice within 30 miles of the city. Light permitting we will photograph on both film and digital cameras.

III. Deliver memories.

Approximately 2 weeks following your session we will set up an online viewing/ordering appointment so we can hep you narrow things down and focus on what you would really love to showcase. We will then professionally print and deliver those images to you.

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A more hands on approach...

We have loved the look of film photography for years but never thoughtfully integrated it into our offerings. We are thrilled to now be photographing our sessions on both medium format film and digital cameras. This will allow us to create the best overall experience for you as the client. When each frame matters it has a way of slowing things down and allowing us to pull out more emotion and connection from our clients. This addition is probably the thing we are the most excited about.


What is your current turn around time?

Approximately 2 weeks following your session we will set up an online or in person ordering appointment for your to view and order your images.

Can we buy all of the images like we did before?

You still can. Our pricing model has changed significantly. We are focusing more on selecting favorites and offering custom artwork from those images.

Will my session include film photography?

Light permitting, yes! We will be offering both digital and film photography at all of our sessions for the foreseeable future. Due to the custom nature of shooting film we will have a new pricing model.