Start to finish

I. Interested in booking?

We are a full service photography company. Everything about our experience is personal and hands on. We would love to set up a quick phone chat to get to know you and answer any questions you may have for us about our process.

II. Let's Chat...

We will respond to your inquiry by phone. We will chat about location options, family dynamics and preferences (likes/dislikes), your expectations in terms of finished product, share more about our shooting style, learn more about where you would like to showcase your artwork, as well as offer any help we can with styling for your session.

III. Our Session together...

We will shoot for as long as we need to capture your family. There is no rush. We begin with posed family photos then we will often let the kids run and explore their surroundings. We want it to be a fun experience for everyone. We appreciate the candid photos as much as we do the posed and aim for a mix of both.

Hands on experience

When may we view the images from our session?

We will schedule an ordering appointment (in person or over zoom) approximately 2 weeks following your session.

Do we get all of the digital images?

All of the edited images from your session will made available to you to order. We go over each image with you at your ordering appointment to see if there is anything you would like retouched. You may order any image you like. Our primary focus is on our clients receiving printed images from us. We offer our images in bundles of digital and printed images for this reason :)

Do you offer film photography?

We shoot both film and digital for our sessions when the light and time permits. Our digital images are always edited to match the look of film. Please do let us know if you are a film lover. We will try and focus a little more heavily on it for you. Can you spot the film images below?